Unlike most body shops, we have a complete automotive repair facility on-site, which means we can save you time and money by taking care of all the vehicle work related to your accident right away. With the help of our factory-trained experts we offer all of the following car services and more. We’re happy to answer your questions or schedule an appointment. Call us today at 408-286-2988.

We’ll inspect your vehicle carefully, taking the time to find out how much the work will cost you before charging you a dime, and we’ll provide our pricing estimate in writing.

Regardless of the damage, we will repair your vehicle’s frame and body so it looks as good as new. At Michael & Company we’re highly detail oriented and will ensure everything is repaired to our — and your — exacting standards.

Whether you want a touch-up or a completely new style for your vehicle, we can provide a paint job exactly to your specifications. Whether your car is vintage or modern, we will ensure a quality paint job and refinishing for the life of your vehicle.

From damaged windows to broken mirrors, we’ll safely clean up any broken fragments and repair the damage so your visibility stays top-notch.

We stand by our work! Michael & Company offers a lifetime warranty in writing so you can rest assured that your vehicle is receiving high-quality care and the best possible service.

We work closely with rental car companies in our area, so you can pick up your vehicle and leave your rental car here for the rental car company to pick up.

Common Myths About Collisions & Insurance Companies

Have you been in an accident? Here are some common myths you need to know the truth about:

MYTH: You don’t have the RIGHT to CHOOSE who works on your vehicle. Some insurance companies often try to steer you toward a “preferred” body shop however you do have the right to choose. Here is the information as it appears on the California Department of Insurance’s website:

Choice of Auto Repair Shops

Some insurance companies also say that they will not guarantee the car repairs if the body shop goes out of business. Rest assured that we have been in business for over 33 years, and we will be around for another 33! Make sure that when you make your choice, you choose a shop that offers the highest possible quality to you, the customer — not the insurance company!

MYTH: You need at least 3 quotes. Another common myth is that you need to obtain three quotes from different body shops before you can begin work, but actually, you only need one. After you get a quote and provide authorization, it’s up to your vehicle repair facility of choice and your insurance company to assess the damage. There’s often more than one exchange between the insurance company and the repair facility to provide an accurate and complete estimate. The repair facility you choose will disassemble your vehicle, possibly revealing other hidden damage, and will contact your insurance company to report on your vehicle’s exact needs.

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