With Michael and Company’s air conditioning repair service, you will never feel too cold or too warm in your car or breathe in unfiltered air.

While it may take you some time to notice issues with your car, issues with your heating and cooling system are immediately noticeable.

Air that’s not cool enough signify a problem with the wiring, a lack of a cooling agent or a malfunctioning motor.

Our team of skilled heating and A/C experts will diagnose your heating or cooling issues with impressive accuracy and fix the problem fast.

Why Your Car’s Heating & Air Conditioning Systems Require Regular Maintenance

Even if your car’s air conditioning is functioning well at present, it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t need regular maintenance.

You may not be using your car’s heater system, but it is the heater system that’s responsible for cooling your car’s engine on warm days. Believe it or not, you’re using your A/C system even during the colder months.

Regular maintenance of your A/C and heating system helps you successfully avoid more expensive repairs in the future.

Signs that you need A/C Service and Repair

There are obvious signs like if your air conditioner is blowing hot air.

But pay attention to the not so obvious signs of A/C trouble such as strange smells in your car or strange noises emitted by your A/C.

Signs that you need auto heat service and repair

Turning on your heater and feeling like a block of ice long after is an obvious sign that there’s something wrong with it.

But pay attention to foul smells, fogged up windshields, antifreeze leaks by the passenger side and needing more coolant are signs of car heating trouble.

Michael and Company will inspect your A/C:

Our qualified technicians at Michael and Company will test, inspect, diagnose, perform service maintenance, as well as fix your heat and A/C issues by performing the following:

  1. Check system fan level
  2. Reading system PSI pressure (checking Freon level)
  3. Check output temperature
  4. Examine blower fan and compressor
  5. Inspect belts and hoses for failure or signs of age
  6. Check for faulty switches, fuses, and wiring
  7. Inspect condenser or internal compressor seal failure

Some Facts You Might Not Know About Your Car’s Heating and Airconditioning System:

#1: Your car heater keeps your engines cool

Your car’s cooling system is related to its heating system. Without a functioning heating system, your car’s engine could overheat and break down.

#2: Your A/C system helps defrost and defog the windshield

Your A/C is hard at work on cold days by removing humidity from the air which prevents fog from forming.

#3: Regular A/C service helps you avoid compressor failure

The compressor is a crucial part of your car’s A/C system. It is also very expensive to repair or replace. Therefore, regular maintenance is essential.

With regular servicing, your car maintains proper refrigerant and lubrication levels, which helps you avoid compressor failure.

#4: Your heating system requires regular maintenance

Your car’s heating system is not easy to replace — it comprises the blower fan, the thermostat, and the heater core. These are in a difficult to reach the area and may take days to fix if the problems have gotten worse.

The reality is that most issues are best addressed early on while they are still in the minor stage. Minor fixes are relatively inexpensive. Major issues are naturally more expensive to fix.

#5: Regular heating and air conditioning maintenance keep you in good health

Part of heating and air conditioning maintenance includes checking your car’s air filter — which traps dust, bacteria, pollen, and exhaust fumes — and replacing it if necessary.

It helps you and your passengers breathe in clean air, which is a benefit to your respiratory health.

The Risks of Having a Malfunctioning Auto HVAC

A malfunctioning HVAC system is not only inconvenient but a safety, health and environmental risk.

For one, if you’re overheating or freezing in your car, it takes your attention away from the road. It could also lead to respiratory problems in the long run. An HVAC system that has broken down could lead to a refrigerant leak, which damages your compressor and evaporator.

Michael and Company will provide a thorough and detailed HVAC Inspection of your vehicle

Michael and Company is an auto repair shop based in San Jose. We have been providing heating and air conditioning service & repair for over 30 years.

When you bring your vehicle to us, our heating and air conditioning specialists will inspect your HVAC unit carefully. After which, we will provide a detailed and accurate diagnosis of what’s wrong with your car’s heating and air conditioning.

We will repair your vehicle according to your manufacturer’s specifications. Our mechanics are well-trained to work on all makes and models.

You can trust us to keep your heating and air conditioning system functioning properly.

If you’re having heating or A/C problems, give us a call at 408-286-2988 or drop by at 380 Lincoln Avenue, San Jose, CA 95126.

We are open from Monday to Friday from 7:30 am to 6:00 pm. We also accept appointments.