Your Brakes Take a Heavy Hit


All the kinetic energy of your car is converted to heat by its brakes. So it goes without saying that your car’s wheels do take a heavy hit every time.

Not to mention they also pick up dirt and water and heat and cool down.

Depending on where you live — whether it’s uphill or the road is particularly rough — your brakes are generating a tremendous amount of heat to control the speed of your vehicle.

Through brake servicing, you can ensure that your brakes are in top condition and that you know when to get brake repair when you need it. We’ll thoroughly inspect and repair your entire brake system. From brake pads, discs, shoes and drums to complex antilock systems, we are able to diagnose and repair the entire braking system at a reasonable cost.

The 8 Signs Of Brake Issues

A brake light that stays on

The red or yellow brake indicators on your dashboard lighting up mean your vehicle is alerting you to a problem. It’s highly likely that your brake is due for an inspection.

A burning smell

If hard braking releases a burning smell, it could mean your brakes or clutch are overheating. If this happens, pull over immediately and allow your brakes to cool. This overheating of your brake fluid can lead to brake failure.

If you see smoke, it’s best to stop driving and stay put and call for brake repair.

Squealing, squeaking or grinding sounds

If you hear a high-pitched noise when you brake, it could signal worn out brake pads. They’re made of steel and make a squealing or squeaking sound when in contact with the rotor.

Make sure to have the brake pads replaced before the rotor incurs damage — and that calls for more expensive repairs.

A grinding sound could mean something is stuck in the caliper unit or a lack of lubrication. The brake shoe is likely scraping on metal contact points.

A wobbling, vibrating or scraping sensation

If you feel wobbling, shaking, or vibrating when applying the brakes, it could mean an uneven rotor.
When you hit the brakes, your brake pads hug the rotors or the discs that sit inside the wheels. An uneven rotor results in a wobbling, shaking, or vibrating sensation.

An uneven rotor surface causes the rotor to hit one of the brake pads, which causes some of the material of the pad to transfer onto the rotor. When you feel vibrating and shaking when braking, it’s when the pad hits the bump in the rotor.

After a while, your rotors could get an uneven surface and rust may even develop. Brake servicing can address these variations, by smoothing out any unevenness of the rotors. And this needs to be done by a professional since even the tiniest unevenness of thousandth of an inch can create a wobbly vibrating feeling.

Your vehicle bouncing up and down

If your vehicle bounces up and down after braking, you may need to replace your shock absorbers.

However, you still need to be sure and have a professional check it. This is not normal vehicle behavior.

Self-diagnosing your car brake issues could put you in danger. And the longer you put off servicing or repair, the bigger your repair bills will be.

A spongy pedal

A softer pedal or a sinking pedal needs immediate servicing and repair.

This could signal air moisture in the system or a problem with the master cylinder. Remember, automatic brakes stop 1 to 1.5 inches from the floor and manual brakes stop more than 3 inches from the floor.

Fluid leaking

If you’re experiencing soft brakes, you could have fluid leaking from the master cylinder. Have a professional check for fluid leaking from the cylinder.

Car pulling to one side when braking

If your car pulls to one side when you hit the brakes, your brake hose could be causing it. It could also be a caliper problem, where one brake caliper is applying most of the pressure during braking causing the imbalance.

If you start having any of these problems, do not attempt to repair them yourself. Unless you are a mechanic yourself, it’s best to leave it to the brake experts.

Michael and company Brake Servicing and Brake Repair

Brake servicing is both routine and important. Brakes are among the most crucial safety components in your vehicle, and they have a lifespan, and proper maintenance requires servicing to ensure that they are in top condition and working properly.

Do not resort to shortcuts when it comes to your safety. You will drive safer and avoid more expensive brake repair services. Luckily, your vehicle gives you signals when servicing and repair is due.

If any of the above scenarios materialize, contact the auto repair experts of Michael and Company.

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We will thoroughly inspect and repair your entire brake system. From brake pads, discs, shoes, and drums to complex antilock systems, we are able to diagnose and repair the entire braking system at a reasonable cost. You can call us at 408-286-2988 or drop by at 380 Lincoln Ave, San Jose, CA 95126, USA.